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Why Choose Us

Respect for Your Values and Your Vision

This is your financial life, so before moving forward with any financial plan, we listen carefully to your values and your vision for the future and for your legacy. Our whole goal is to help you define and refine your vision, honor your decisions and help you achieve those goals.

Our Firm is Bound to the Highest Fiduciary Standards

As a Personal Financial Advisor and Financial Fiduciary, we are bound by law to work in the best interests of our clients. That means we put your interest ahead of the firm’s. It is the highest ethical standard under the law and we are proud to act as a Financial Fiduciary for our clients. We take our stewardship of your finances as seriously as we take our own.

Client Centered Service

We are a client centered financial advisory firm. Service that is timely and reliable is the key to building client confidence. Whether it is the simple act of returning phone calls promptly or spending the time to develop a sophisticated financial strategy, we treat you the way we wish to be treated, with respect and professionalism. Our commitment to offering the best is also found in our support staff who are dedicated, not only to exceptional services, but also to maintaining high professional standards. We invest in long-term relationship with our clients; that means we are there for you every step of your financial journey.

Privately Owned, We Offer Comprehensive, Personalized Advice Based on Your Individual Situation

Financial services are easy to come by, but finding appropriate, personalized financial advice is more difficult. As a privately owned and independent financial services firm, we are free to look at a wide range of financial products, tools and resources to provide you with the appropriate strategies for your situation. As an independent financial services firm, we have no pressure to use products or tools that may not be appropriate for the client. We believe our independence can mean a world of difference when planning for your future.

A Strong Professional Network to Support Your Goals

We have developed strong relationships with other professionals (Attorneys, CPAs, etc.) who can become a part of our team to work for your benefit if needed. Each of these relationships mirrors our own values of integrity and commitment to provide the highest levels of service. We are happy to work with your existing team to coordinate and implement your financial strategy.

Highly Personal Service with Strong National Resources

Because we are independent and local does not mean we are small. We are a member of a national network of premier independent firms across the nation whose expertise in financial planning can be called upon on your behalf. That means we offer you the highly personal services you deserve, plus the national resources you expect. We also are able to provide clients with a broad range of financial tools, products and resources to help you reach your goals. Trust, integrity and a commitment to the client is what makes us special.